Unbelievable Lottery Winner Stories

If you won the lottery, what would you do with your winnings? Would you live it up in the sunshine, and purchase lavish items or would you employ more of a sensible strategy? However you choose to spend your potential winnings, you have to be in it to win it, so if you haven’t got a ticket, your dreams of being financially stable will simply remain as dreams. If you get down to your local newsagents or corner shop, or simply hop online however, you can purchase your tickets in seconds, and you could change your life for the better. Overcoming the odds to win the lottery is going to be tough, there’s no denying that, but it can be done, and we’ll prove that right now. Here are some unbelievable stories of people winning the lottery under the most unbelievable of circumstances.

Spend money to make money

There are a number of strategies out there for increasing your odds of winning the lottery, and one of which would simply be to calculate every possible outcome for the draw, and to then purchase tickets of each potential outcome. This is technically a guaranteed strategy, but the only problem is that you would need to spend millions of Euros to purchase every possible outcome.

Well, back in 1992, an Australian lottery syndicate calculated every possible outcome of a US lottery in Virginia, and purchased 5 million tickets out of a possible 7 million for a dollar each. Presumably they only had 5 million dollars to play around with. Thankfully their gamble and investment paid off, as they won $27 Million. The state tried to ban this strategy and attempted to withhold the payment but this motion didn’t pass as legal experts ruled that the strategy was legit and fair.

The world’s unluckiest man turns his luck around

Do you ever notice how life seems to dump on some people for no apparent reasons? Some people are just naturally unlucky it seems, and Frank Selak, a Croatian music teacher was one of those people. During his life, Frank escaped death numerous times, as he was involved in a derailed train accident, a plane crash, a bus crash which resulted in the bus crashing into a river, 2 car fires, another car crash, and an incident where he was hit by a bus. In 2003 however, his luck finally turned around as he won the jackpot on the Croatian lottery, nabbing the equivalent of around 864,000 Euros. Frank however, stated that he considers himself to be the world’s luckiest man.

Suicide by lottery

Money does strange things to people, and it’s safe to say that if you thought you had won the lottery, only to find out that your ticket had expired, you’d feel pretty-awful. Well, a man in England named Timothy O’Brien, sadly took his own life back in 1995 as he thought his ticket had expired matching all 6 numbers on the lottery. It turns out that he actually miscalculated and that he only matched 4 numbers, not 6, so he only would have won around £47.

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