More Tips to Help You Win the Lottery

When it comes to playing the lottery, everybody has their own preferences and beliefs for increasing their chances of winning. Some people play the same numbers every single week without fail, whereas others simply go completely random and opt for lucky dips. Some use birthdays and other significant numbers that perhaps hold some meaning to them, whereas others may see how they feel on the day. While everybody has their own theories on what can be done to increase their chances of winning, are there actually any proven strategies that can be implemented? Well, yes and no. There are certain things you can do to enhance your odds of winning, but they are by no means guaranteed to let you win, otherwise we’d all be using them. Check out these useful tips created to help you win the lottery.

Do your homework

There are plenty of people out there who have won big by purchasing lucky dips and choosing completely random numbers, but at the same time there are also plenty of people out there who have also won big by doing their homework and researching the history of previous draws. For example, you should avoid numbers that have previously won the jackpot in the past, because the odds of those same numbers appearing again are astonishingly unlikely. Also, try to read up on some of the more common numbers that seem to appear, and perhaps think about including those, and staying clear of the ones that are far less-frequent.


Go for the additional draw

Nowadays you tend to find that most lottery games also offer an additional bonus draw, which you should always play. Sure, these games don’t have jackpots as high, but they still offer life-changing amounts of money, and best of all is the fact that the odds of you winning those games are more likely. Playing the bonus game on top of the lottery will cost a little more, but you now have two chances to scoop some money, so it’s very worth it in most people’s opinions.


Create your own luck

To some this may sound like Hocus Pocus, but there have been true stories of people in the past, dreaming about specific numbers, writing them down, and then purchasing winning lottery tickets. In fact, a woman in Canada did exactly this, and purchased two winning tickets, winning herself $16 Million! Whether you see numbers in a dream, or ones which just seem to jump out at you in the outside world, why not create your own luck and play these numbers?


Play all possible combinations

This is a guaranteed way of eventually winning the lottery, so surely this is a world-exclusive, right? Well, if you were to play all possible combos, eventually you would win. It’s guaranteed. The only downside is that to play all combinations, you would need to spend millions upon millions as a syndicate, or if playing individually, you would basically need to invent some form of cryogenics to prolong your life, otherwise you would be long gone before you got anywhere close to playing all possible combinations on a weekly basis.


Buy a ticket

Finally, you have to be in it to win it, so buy a ticket, or there’s no chance of you winning.

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