Lottery – 5 Reasons to Play the Lottery

Ever have days, or nights, where you simply sit back, close your eyes, and imagine what you’d do if you were a multi-millionaire? We know that money isn’t can’t necessarily buy happiness, and we know that having money won’t solve all of your problems. As anybody who has ever had money will tell you however, generally when you have money, you feel much happier than when you don’t. If you wish to live a life of luxury, unless you’re especially fortunate, one of the only ways of achieving such a feat may be to win the lottery. As the saying goes ‘you have to be in it to win it’ so here’s a look at 5 great reasons to play the lottery.


It could change your life

We know that the odds are not in your favour when it comes to playing the lottery, so does that mean that you simply shouldn’t bother? Of course not. There are plenty of people out there who have won millions of Euros when playing the lottery and scooping the jackpot, and what would have happened if they’d not played because they didn’t fancy their chances? They would have missed out on a life-changing experience is what. Winning the lottery will literally change your life, and most would agree it could change it for the better.

You can help your nearest and dearest

One of the best things about winning the jackpot on the lottery is the fact that winning means that you can also help out your nearest and dearest. You get to help your loved ones out financially however you like, but the key thing to remember is that you CAN make a difference to their lives. Whether you pay off their mortgage, gift them some money, buy them gifts, or anything else, winning the lottery helps you show your loved ones how much they really mean to you.


You can make a difference to charities close to your heart

When people win the lottery, a large percentage of their money usually actually goes to charities which they hold close to their hearts. We know that giving to charities helps make a difference, but sometimes we simply cannot afford to do so, or can only afford the bare minimum. If you win the lottery however, you can make a sizeable donation towards a charity that you believe in, which you happen to hold close to your heart.


It could give you peace of mind

If you win the lottery, or any sizable amounts, one of the best things about that is the fact that it will give you peace of mind. You needn’t worry about the mortgage, or buying the kids their new school uniform, or the clutch going on the car, or anything else.


It’s so cheap

Finally, the last reason to play the lottery is the fact that it is so cheap. Buying a ticket costs just 5 Euros for 2 lines, which is nothing in today’s money, especially for what you stand to win.

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