Interesting Lottery Facts You May Not Have Known

Playing the lottery is always a gamble, but when you consider the price of a ticket and what you stand to win if you hit the jackpot, for many of us it is a gamble well worth taking. Since it was introduced less than 25 years ago, the National Lottery currently has paid out well over 65 million Euros, and that number is increasing every week. They say that money can’t buy you happiness, but we’d darn sure like to test that theory, and no doubt you would too. But just how much do we really know about the lottery, and what is it that we find so appealing? After all, there are plenty of ways of winning money, with better odds, so why do we play the lotto every single week? Well, let’s try to find out more about the lottery shall, we? Here are some interesting lottery statistics you may not have been aware of.

The odds are NOT in your favour

We’d love it if we could tell you that your chances of winning the jackpot on the lottery were in your favour, but unfortunately, we can’t. The reason we can’t is because they aren’t. Based on one ticket, your odds of scooping the jackpot are roughly 350 billion to one.

Some people can beat the odds

350 billion to one are not good odds, we know that. The thing to remember however, is that some people out there can, and have, beaten the odds. One family located in Tipton for example, have had three hefty lottery wins over the years. From these 3 wins, they have scooped more than £3.25, or 3.70 Euros!

Jan 6th 1996 was a good day to sell lottery tickets

Back on the 6th of January 1996, around 86% of the entire adult population were estimated to have purchased a ticket. Why that date? Well, because that was the date of the very first double rollover jackpot. As you know, rollovers and double rollovers mean that the jackpot is even larger, and the more money there is to win, the more people tend to play the lotto.

A lottery win doesn’t have to involve retirement

People say that the first thing they’d do if they won the lottery was to quit their job. But what if they really enjoy their work or perhaps run their own business? Earning money through work is a necessity, but there are plenty of people out there who love what they do for a living. 60% of lottery winners continue to work, with around 45% going on to start their very own business.

Going big does pay off – Back in 1992, a lottery syndicate located in Australia decided to go big. They chipped in and purchased nearly $5 Million worth of number combinations. This gamble paid dividends however, as they were able to take that $5 Million and turn it into $27 Million worth of winnings. That’s quite the return.

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