How to play the Irish Lotto

The lottery is a hugely popular game all over the world be it in America or Ireland, and thankfully for any new players out there it is extremely easy to pick up and join in on the fun! The game can now be played live by buying a ticket in person and watching the draw on the television or all online where you can purchase and check results at a minutes notice making it extremely easy for anyone to get involved.

How the draw works

The basics of the Lottery are fairly simple, the idea is to select a variation of numbers and simply match them with the drawn numbers in order to win a prize. Of course it’s ever so slightly more complex than this however not by much. The lottery is played with 47 numbered balls ranging from 1-47. Six of these balls will then be drawn out from a machine one at a time and then finally a 7th ball – the bonus ball will then be drawn from the remaining balls.

These draws will occur two times a week – on a Wednesday and a Saturday and players can choose to play on either day as many times as they like. To enter into the Irish Lottery a player has two options, they can purchase a ticket at their local shop or they can purchase a ticket online. A ticket will cost a player 2 euros per line (each entry is classed as a line) and for each line they will be asked to select 6 numbers plus a bonus number as well as being asked which day they would like this line to be entered in(either Wednesday or Saturday’s draw). Once the draw has been completed a player will then be able to check his ticket to see if he has won a prize! The smallest prize that can be won is a 3 euro scratchcard and that is if they match 2 numbers and the bonus ball.

The more numbers that a player matches the higher their prize will be with the top two prizes coming from matching 5 numbers and the bonus, or simply matching all 6 numbers which can see a player win up to millions of euros! Once the numbers have been drawn players are then able to go to their local store to collect their prize or the money will be funded automatically into their account if they played online. Then finally the players get to enjoy selecting their numbers again for the next draw. So if the Irish Lottery sounded appealing before but you weren’t quite sure on the rules we hope we’ve been able to iron out any creases and help get you on your way to winning those jackpots!