History Of the Irish Lotto

The Irish Lottery has been a huge game in Ireland now turning regular everyday players into millionaires since its first creation back in 1988. The game was originally created as a great way to raise funds to help those in need as well as add a little excitement to players lives every saturday night. Since then and due to its popularity the Irish Lottery is now played every wednesday and Saturday and as a result has seen the lives of thousands of people across Ireland chance with up to 100 millionaires made each year!

How the Lottery Works

The way the Irish Lottery works is fairly easy, you simply select 6 numbers between 1 and 47 as your main Irish Lottery numbers + an additional number from the remaining numbers left which will act as your entries bonus ball. Then on either the Saturday or Wednesday depending on which day you entered the 6 balls will then be drawn at random from the 47 balls in the machine, followed by 1 final number which will then act as the bonus ball. To win all you have to do is match a certain amount of numbers with the numbers drawn and you win a prize. The prizes start as low as matching 2 balls + the bonus ball which will be good for a 3 euro Scratch card.

If you manage to just match 3 balls without the bonus then you will win yourself around 9 euros. As you match more numbers the prizes will start to increase exponentially and finally when you get 5 numbers + the bonus ball you will receive an estimated 100,000 euro with the top prize on offer being a guaranteed 2 million euros with the chance of being higher if you match all 6 main game numbers!

With so many different ways to win there will be thousands of winners each week playing the Irish Lottery and with a chance of a life changing amount of money we certainly feel it’s worth the risk. The cost of entry into the Irish Lottery is 2 euros a ticket however there is no limit on the number of entries you can have into any one draw so if you’d like to have a few chances each week at taking down the jackpot you are more than welcome! Whether it’s the Saturday or Wednesday draw you’d like to play the ways in which you can enter stay the same. The first option is to go to your local shop and purchase a ticket there however the most popular way for players to enter nowadays is by doing it online.

This has a few key advantages that makes it the superior option in our opinion. The first is that you can enter from the comfort of your own home hassle free, the second would be that since your ticket is stored online you don’t run the risk of losing it, or even feeling nervous having to travel with a ticket worth millions! The final advantage would be that you can set up a direct debit so you never forget and miss your numbers! In the end the Irish Lottery is a great game with plenty advantages to playing it with the main reason being that for as little as 2 euros you can see yourself turn into a millionaire overnight!