It is one thing to be involved in the Irish Lotto but if you really can’t get enough and on top of that would also like to see larger prizes on offer then we have some great news for you – the Euromillions will meet all your needs and desires! The Euromillions is as the name suggests, a European lottery that has 9 European countries playing in it; Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

EuroMillions Results

Tuesday 11th December 18

There was no winner of the EuroMillions Jackpot.

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Past EuroMillions Results

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Tuesday 2018-12-114713234213


Friday 2018-12-071117263748110


Tuesday 2018-12-04192021424589


Friday 2018-11-30310122326112


Tuesday 2018-11-27416171832211


Friday 2018-11-2358252630310


Tuesday 2018-11-20619394548712


Friday 2018-11-16910132841112


Tuesday 2018-11-132710134236


Friday 2018-11-0914173237491112


Each of these countries will pool their players and their resources to help fund a super lottery that has far bigger prizes than any single country could ever offer! The Euromillions was first created in 2004 after the success of the national lotteries however on creation it was only Great Britain, France, and Spain who were members, it was 6 months later that the other 6 nations followed suit creating the Euromillions we know today.

The price of a ticket is only 2 euros or £2 if you are in the UK which means it is no more expensive than a national lottery. Another fortunate benefit of the Euromillions is that the draw occurs every Tuesday and Friday which means it will never clash with a national draw and gives players the chance to play the lottery up to 4 times a week!

How to play the EuroMillions

It is when it comes to the playing the Euromillions that the rules are ever so slightly different from the Irish Lottery. Instead of the usual 49 balls the Euromillions has 50 balls you can choose from ranging from numbers 1 to 50.The player will then be asked to select 5 numbers from these possible 50 and on top of that they will be asked to select 2 “lucky star” numbers from a separate pool of 11 numbers. The draw will then occur where 5 numbers and 2 lucky star numbers are selected and then prizes can be claimed. Prizes start off in the Euromillions with only 2 correct numbers and this will be good to see the player win around 4 euros. After this the next payout will be for 2 numbers and a lucky star which pays 8 euros. The prizes will continue to increase the more numbers you match with 5 numbers plus a lucky star matched seeing a player good for just over 300,000 euros and finally matching all 7 will see the player win the games jackpot.

EuroMillions Jackpot

The jackpot in the Euromillions is a prize like no other in the gambling world as the number of players joining in generates a huge prize pool. Nearly a third of the prize pool is dedicated to the jackpot and with rollovers occurring the jackpot has been on a lot of occasions for over 100 million euros! The highest win to date has seen 1 lucky player win themselves a massive 190 million euros so if it’s large jackpots you’re looking for then look no further! So with the Euromillions giving players more chances to take down a jackpot, and even more than that giving them bigger jackpots to win it is no surprise to anyone to see how successful the Euromillions has become!