Daily Millions

If like us you’re huge fans of the Irish Lottery and the Euromillions then do we have a treat for you, and it comes in the form of the Daily Million! The Daily Million is a lottery you can play everyday, and fortunately there are still huge prizes to be won as the Daily Million has a 1 million euro guarantee! So as those math whizzes out there will tell us that now means we have an additional 7 lottery games a week to enjoy on top of the games we already have.

The rules for the Daily Millions is very similar to the main Irish Lottery game in that it is a matching numbers game, only this time there will 39 balls to choose from instead of the usual 47 and the entry fee per ticket is only 1 euro which shouldn’t hurt the bankroll too much! Furthermore with only 37 numbers to choose from and still 6 numbers to be picked the chances of you walking away with a prize are higher than ever before!

Playing the Daily Million

To play the Daily Millions you can purchase a ticket at your local store or purchase tickets online.There are many advantages to purchasing tickets online which include the speed and accessibility of putting the ticket on as well as being able to set and purchase the same numbers(or different) days or weeks in advance so you never miss a draw. You must pick 6 numbers between 1 and 37 as well as a bonus ball for the Daily Millions and the draw is on every night at 9pm for those wanting to watch the draw happen live. Unlike the Irish Lottery the Daily Millions has a set prize that you win equal to the number of balls that you match which start by matching at least 3 balls. Matching 3 balls with the Irish Lottery will be good enough to see you walk away with 3 euro while if you can also get the bonus ball in there it will be increased to 10 euro. 4 balls will see a player win 25 euros while getting the bonus ball on top of that will earn the player 100 euros! With 5 balls a player will win 500 euros and that only increases to a staggering 10,000 euros if you can also match the bonus ball with that. Finally matching all 6 numbers will see the player take down the jackpot and win their share or all of the 1 million euros!

So if like us you can’t get enough of the Irish Lottery then treat yourself to a few extra games of the Daily Million each week to get your fix. With less numbers to choose from the chances of you getting a jackpot prize is much higher and with a million euros as the prize we’d say it’s well worth the effort!