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Saturday 19th October 19

There was no winner of the Lotto Jackpot. In total, over 99,000 players won prizes.

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Number of WinnersPrize TypePrize Per WinnerPrize Fund Total
12989Daily Million Plus QP€3€38967

Past Lotto Results

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Draw DateResultsJackpot
Saturday 2019-10-19581819283433


Wednesday 2019-10-167141723304521


Saturday 2019-10-121232733424431


Wednesday 2019-10-099102127313520


Saturday 2019-10-0518212935414311


Wednesday 2019-10-026101623243745


Saturday 2019-09-282102227383941


Wednesday 2019-09-251131726303519


Saturday 2019-09-21681315213017


Wednesday 2019-09-188131729343714


Lotteries are a chance game that can result in one or several lucky winners taking home a large sum of money. But, how much do you know about the Irish National Lottery?

Here is everything you need to know:


There are lots of fun ways to win when playing the Irish lottery.

The Irish Lotto allows the player to choose six numbers from 47 for each line they want to play. Lottery balls are pulled and those who have a matching set of numbers win. The Irish Lotto jackpot starts at €2 million and often surpasses €5 million. Winners are drawn on Wednesdays and Sundays.

The EuroMillions game features two drawings, one on Tuesday and one of Friday, each week. Players must choose five numbers between 1 and 50 and two “lucky stars” from 1 to 12. Prizes have been known to total up to €190 million.

Next, the Daily Million lottery game can give lucky winners up to €1 million in earnings when the winning lottery balls are pulled between 2 and 9 p.m. every day. Players are to choose six numbers between 1 and 39. If they match them all, they can win the prize.

Lastly, the Lotto 5-4-3-2-1 allows players to play with six or seven numbers. They choose numbers between 1 and 47 with hopes of matching them up to win up to €625,000 on Saturday and Wednesday evenings.


If you want to try your luck on a regular basis, you can enter into the Irish Lotto by paying for a subscription that will cost you €9.99 a month. Perks include subscriptions to one of Europe’s biggest jackpots, never missing a draw, the ability to change your numbers at any time, and two draws each week.


If you do get lucky at take home some cash, you have to present your winning ticket before the 90-day expiration date.

When you win through a ticket you purchased at a retail location, you must present a physical ticket to claim your winnings. Prizes of €100 or less can be redeemed at a National Lottery retailer, prizes worth €14,999 or less should be claimed at dedicated post offices around Ireland, and any other prizes should be claimed at the National Lottery headquarters.

When you win online, prizes totally €99 are sent to your online account, €100 to €499 prizes are sent by check to your address, prizes between €500 and €9,999 will be sent by check after you complete a form, and all other prizes will be picked up at the National Lottery headquarters.

Checking your Irish Lotto Results

Checking results has never been easier thanks to the internet and connected devices such as your smart phone or laptop. You can quickly check your Lotto results online within minutes of the draw taking place, along with previous draws should you wish to go back in time.

Previous popular methods of checking Lotto results (still in use today), were teletext and of course in your paper, but these have become less popular in favour of internet sites and mobile apps.

Results generally become available online within 10-15 minutes of a draw taking place and can easily be shared with friends/ family who have taken part in these draws with you.


For more information on how you can get started playing the Irish National Lottery, visit our history page today. On this site, you can find lottery results, choose your numbers, use a number generator, see lottery statistics, sign up for an Irish Lotto Subscription, and read all about the Irish Lottery and all the news surrounding it.